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In the making!

Forgoing the thoughts of those quarter and mid-life crisis options ( Quarter life crisis… ) , instead I’ve been keeping the hands busy with earring making and painting!

One of my paintings from this week was posted to the blog yesterday, and you can find it here – Rainbow bursts . For now, back to the earring making….

I’ve made two pairs of earrings this week, in very different designs. The first are completed with wooden beads, and gold coloured spacers for a summery look.


Hand-made earrings
Hand-made earrings, made by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces. With wooden coloured beads, and gold coloured spacers.

The second are a mis-matched pairs of earrings, using plastic playing cards. These would be great for a night at the casino, or for a Harley Quinn cosplay look.

Playing card earrings
Playing card earrings, hand-made by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces. 2017.

I am able to make these earrings to order for £5 each + p&p, and this will include an organza pouch gift packaging.

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.



Monday making!

Hello Monday! This morning’s Monday Motivation comes from the new crafty project we was trying yesterday…


Hand-painted and decorated earrings, attempting to brighten up the usual Autumn choices. Just because it’s Autumn I don’t believe there should be a limited colour range, although it seems some high-street shops think so!

Here’s my first attempt at these hand-painted earrings. Whilst not perfect, it’s definitely motivation for trying again with different patterns, colours and earring shapes.

Wherever you are, we hope you’ve got your Monday motivation as well!

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

Journey boxes

Time to share something new for the weekend, our Journey boxes!

We believe that life is a journey, made of pieces along the way, and each piece is as important as the last and the next. That’s the inspiration behind our latest crafty make, to bring together those pieces of the journey, in a simple, but thoughtful way.

Each box will be made up to order, and the pieces tailored to the customer requirements. Whether it be for someone you love, a friend, or family member, it’s a gift to show you care, with a personal touch.

A poem is included either outside or inside the box, to describe the pieces included within. The poem will also be adjusted to reflect the pieces inside, and can be personalised to add your meanings for the pieces. Presented on gift packaging straw, enclosed in a fabric covered gift box with lid, and then finished off with hand-tied ribbon, and a flower of your choice. The gift tag can also be hand-written, or left blank for the customer to fill in.

An added extra is the use of gemstones, which, some believe can bring various positive and healing properties to the person who receives them. Each gemstone will be presented within a mini organza gift bag, complete with hand-written tag. The tag will say the name of the gemstone on the front, and the benefits on the back of the tag.

A gift to show you care, a gift to show you think about what makes that person so great, a gift for the journey, wherever it is, and wherever it may lead.

‘You may be wondering about this small gift. Whilst small in nature, it’s given with a big heart.

The string because how long our love will be, the answer is a length of string. No one knows the answer, but I hope our reel is never-ending.

The measuring tape, because I can’t put a figure on our love / our friendship , and how much you mean.

The jigsaw piece, because you make my puzzle and journey complete. You’re part of my journey, and it makes sense with you in it.

The playing cards, because knowing you makes me feel like I have the royal flush. You’re my king, and I want to be your queen.

The scissors and the mannequin in this gift box shown were specific to the receiver of the gift. We can add in specific pieces for you too, to make your box individual.

Above is just some examples of what could be written with the pieces to help explain your personalised gift. The note can also include their name, your reasons for the pieces, and your name.

Prices – Start from £10 + p&p, to include 6 pieces, the gift box and packaging, hand-tied ribbon, a flower of your choice, and a note / poem to explain your lovely gift. This includes personalisation of the flower, poem, gift tag and the 6 items required if desired.

Gemstones can be added at £2.00 per gemstone. These will be presented in an organza gif bag with tag, with hand-written gemstone name, and gemstone description.

Additional pieces can be added within the box for 50p each piece. Please let us know the pieces you are requiring when ordering.

Would love to know what you think of our new journey boxes! We’re thinking these would be great for any occasion!

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.


Latest crafting adventures!

A couple of days ago I mentioned there was a project under way I couldn’t photograph yet.

Well today, I can now share the image of the first project with you.

It’s what I would like to call a ‘rainbow of love.’ It takes elements of different crafts I’ve loved and noted along the way, and we’ve come up with this result.

”A rose is frozen in time, inside the vial, that also captures their heart.

Their names intricately inscribed upon tiny pieces of rice, the smallest way to etch their names together. Going back to the days when initials were put together in classrooms upon hearts.

Sparkles added for the sparkle that they bring and have brought into each other’s lives.

The initial of the recipient marked into the wax seal, not to be rubbed away or removed.

Tied with love, and hand-made, it’s hoped that forever all these elements will stay this way. In the vial, and in their hearts too.”

I can make these with any initials upon the rice grains, and any initial on the melted wax seal on the top. The colour of the rose, and also of the setting material can also be changed on request. These will be priced at £8 including personalisation.

Would love to know what you all think about this hybrid crafting project from this week!

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

‘How many ways to say I love you’ gift. This is my latest hybrid creation. Please see the post for the full description. £8.00 + p&p, this includes all personalisation elements – initials on the rice, colour of the rose, colour of the setting material, colour of the wax used to seal, the initial on the top, colour of the string seal. Any number of names can be added, also making it a lovely family gift. Image and edit by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces. 2016.


Nimble fingers required!

Today is a how do I do that kind of day!

There was this little voice telling me, begging me to enter the craft shop earlier. Reluctantly, I obviously gave in and walked out with more crafty items…

The positive is that there is an intended plan for these items, and I have an image in my head of how it should look once finished. On the other hand, the downside to trying to create something unique, is there’s no guides on how to put this all together, and pull it off.

So nimble fingers are required, some patience, and some more enthusiasm I think to see this through to the creative end. I also can’t share any images yet either because of what it’s for.

Whilst I can’t share the crafty project today, I can share an update about the wee little flood situation. For those that have been reading and following, the pipes are now all replaced and fixed. The puddles finally dried up a week after the living room was pumped out, and we’ve had a specialist cleaning company in to disinfect the ground space. The smell has finally disappeared! Images below show where we are now up to, we’ve had new flooring put down, with new skirting boards that have been primed.

Incy Wincy here has been found occupying the living room, which, must be warmer than his rainy webs outside featured at the weekend!

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

A day of three’s.

A little shuffling, tweaking, and uploading has been going on this weekend, so here’s what you can now look forward to on our site..

Firstly, there was a great response yesterday to the two blog posts – Incy Wincy Spider and Excess of H20! (You can click on the blog post titles here to read the full blog and see the images.) So thank you everyone for the response so far!

Next, some tweaking on the site. A slideshow gallery has been added to the Home page , and the main header image has been updated on Photography . There’s some new sneak peek images on Crafty makes on the go! so you can see what I’m currently trying to make.

Off-site there’s been tweaking with the Facebook page (Rose-Sky Journey Pieces) with a new profile image, and new images uploaded. Twitter (rsjourneypiece) hasn’t been forgotten either with new tweets and images.

Finally, onto the photography images added to the site over the weekend. I’ve been playing around with reflections, and trying to make ordinary objects look more arty. Here’s the results below :

Hopefully your weekend has been as productive, and as fun as ours!

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

Weekend madness!

It’s October – eeek!

September seems to have flown by, and now we’re into the month of everything that goes bump in the night!

Here’s my little play around with editing as an ode to the scary month –

‘Things that go bump in the night.’ Photography and edit – Rose-Sky Journey Pieces. Copyright of Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, 2016.

In other news, the images on the Crafty makes in progress page have been updated. Currently in progress are two fairy-tale custom-made designs, and a canvas painting that’s waiting to be finished. After that there’s another art piece waiting to be started, and jewellery designs too. That’s on top of the photography, and waiting for the print samples so I can start sharing my images with others who like them too.

Also after realising the other day, there’s currently no images of myself on the site yet, there’s also a quick edit below to have a nosey at. Now being the one holding the camera means I’m in the images less, unless trying out some new setting or editing techniques. Feeling a bit like Sia with the way the camera flash hid the eye detail, but it ticks the box of the ‘photographer holding camera selfie’ I think…


Because everyone who owns a camera does the ‘camera holding selfie’ right…


Why not let us know what you think, and also I would love to see your Halloween / October themed posts as well!

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.


Let the creating begin!

After all that ‘stock purchasing’ it’s time to finally show some of what was ordered…

Hundreds of metres of fabric in pretty rainbow colours, as well as rainbow satin ribbon. These will both be used to continue work on two very special projects, for two very important little people.

The images have been added to the work in progress galleries soon, and I look forward to sharing with you the makes as they are underway.

Want to guess what will be made?

For your own custom orders, please feel free to contact us on this website, or through Rose-Sky Journey Pieces Facebook page , rsjourneypiece on Twitter or by e-mail to rose-skyjourneypieces@outlook.com .

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.


Shopping – AKA ‘Purchasing stock’

So officially, I’ve been purchasing stock yesterday…

But when your business is also your passion, and your hobby, it’s a little hard to see the graft involved in acquiring stock. It should feel like hard work, but here I am feeling just a little guilty, because, well, it feels just like shopping!

I love shopping! Online, at the shops, the markets, looking for a bargain, an investment. Something useful, interesting, essential. A unique gift for a family member. Never running out of excuses to why we ‘need’ this item or that.

Back to business, and yesterday was for the business, honest! On the way is now over 100m of fabric, rainbow ribbon, and moulds for our next project. Just one of the perks of making hand-made items, is choosing the suppliers, the quality, comparing costs. Helping to make the item as individual as the client who ordered them.

Once the items are here, I will be putting progress pics onto the site, as well as Facebook and Twitter.

Have you found any crafty bargains this week? Why not let us know!

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

Image found on Bing, via Pinterest. Copyright does not belong to Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.