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Under construction!

A little notification pops up reminding me that it’s now a year since I started this journey of blogging and sharing with WordPress.

A year that seems to have flown by too quickly. There’s a mountain of digital images still waiting to surface on this site, to be set free from the constraints of the file explorer system in which they live.

In a year this site has gone from something I thought no one would read or even find, to now gaining¬†it’s own little (but not any less important) following and momentum. A big, and not cheesy thank you to everyone who has stopped to say hello, look or encourage the site along.

It’s also a year in which, as typical as life does, life has thrown a curve ball. The purest of intentions of sharing daily might not have been met just yet, and there’s been one sulky face at whenever real life has pulled me away from what I really love to do. No matter the distance of the curve ball, or the strength of it’s force as it plunders through what was known, deep down I still want to photograph everything, pretty and not so pretty. Write a lot, with the words just leaping out of my finger tips, yet my most recent tapping patterns have not been shared for now at least, for the less than rainbows emotions.

Let’s put a new foot forward to the next year on here, and start by saying you will find this site under the construction of the fairies again today. Plenty to upload, although if you can’t wait for everything to be finished, the Facebook page has got some sneak peeks of what’s been achieved around everything called life.

Thank you again for reading the ramblings, and viewing those snaps and clicks. Looking forward to greeting more of you to the site in this next year, and discovering more of your own pages too.

For now, it’s time for a cuppa break before the work fairies set in. ūüôā

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.


The last sunset

Big, humungous apologies to everyone following here for the lack of updates recently! However, I have been very busy behind the scenes, and if you’ve missed me here I’ve been trying to gather the interests of those in the Facebook and Twitter social lands too!

Anyway, lots (and I mean lots!) of photography images to catch up on sharing with you all. There was debate on whether to let it rain images on you all in one go, or spread them out. However, as those that tweet seem to really be taking to the latest, let’s start there and work backwards tomorrow!

This is ‘The Last Sunset’ (Photography by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, July 2017.)

‘The last sunset.’ Photography by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, July 2017.

If you’ve got any big news about you, your blogs, or what you would like to see next on this blog, shout out and let me know!



Weekend update…

Weekend update, AKA the clogs are turning behind the scenes!

It seems to be all go this week! In case you missed it, there’s been new poetry – Fire for life¬†, as well as here – What if? .

The What if? also helped to announce the latest photography project called ‘What do you see?’ If you click on the link to the post you can see two of the images created so far.

There’s been more photography shared, and you can catch up with this through the blog, the photography page of this website, or on the Facebook page.

I’ve been drawing again too, and these can be seen here – ¬†There‚Äôs a hero in all of us! and Unicorn love! .

The Facebook page is all go, with lots more photo albums and images added, plus notes to help the ordering process. On here I’ve added a price page, as well as notes on the different types of image finishes to the ordering page.

No slowing down yet however, as the photography section is being revamped! This is to make it easier for everyone to view the images. So far there’s a completed page for just the rose themed images. Simply hoover over the photography tab to see this option.

Hope you are all having a great weekend, and for now whilst things are ticking and turning, here’s a new image –

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

‘Classic roses.’ Photography by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, 2017.

What if?

What if?

What if everything you said was written down?

What if everyone knew the reason behind that frown?

What if every insult was tattooed,

So that we could see what a sorry really doesn’t remove.

What if you had no one to talk to today?

Or you ignored the one person who needed you to help in your way?

What if we talked about brains and not brawn,

Words instead of fashion sizes?

What if?

‘What if?’ Photography by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, May 2017.

Introducing my latest photography project, ‘What do you see?’.

Inspired by how we, the media, magazines, articles, even online talk about ourselves, others and celebrities. The words that are used to define someone. Rather than intelligence, brains, words, actions, we are still being described by physical attributes and the fashions we wear.

Our sizes, looks, clothes, weight, used every day, all over the world to generate articles, photographs, discussions. What is good for the goose, is not good for the gander. Where one person will be complimented for their great weight loss one day, the same place could also write a negative article about too much weight loss to another person. It only takes a flick through what should be the news sections of the internet to see this happening. Yesterday I did a flick through the first page of one news start page, and found ‘gym-toned’, ‘wrong clothes’, ‘cosmetic surgery addiction’, ‘incredible bikini body’, ‘vision of beauty’, ‘extremely thin’. All of these being used as parts of titles, defining that person within one sentence.

I’ll be working through this project with all of the above in mind, hoping to create a reaction to what is now seen as an every day, normal part of our life. Professionally printed photographic prints of the images from this project will be available to order. At the end of the project, any models will also be available to buy. Your support for the project will also help others, keep your eyes peeled, as I will explain all later into the project.

For now, here’s the first sneak image from the project that was shared with the Facebook page last night –

‘Stop judging.’ Photography by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, May 2017.

Any questions or orders relating to the project, please contact us directly. We can be contacted on this website, by e-mail to Рrose-skyjourneypieces@outlook.com , on the Facebook page Rose-Sky Journey Pieces Facebook page (external link) or Twitter @rsjourneypiece .

Looking forward to showing you all more of this project as it develops,

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

Photography – Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, May 2017.

Poetry – Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, May 2017.

Unicorn love!

Anyone else left with that ‘Where did the weekend go?’ feeling? If so, you’re not alone, as it seems to have flown by too quickly here!

This weekend I have been working on a unicorn design hand drawn with pencils and pens. Here’s the result –

I’ve also been busy with product photography for another independent business, Bespoke Fantasy Costumes this week. New photos have been completed for their latest range of 3D printed items, including fishing snag ears. A couple more edits still to go to show off the full range.

Back to the unicorns, and in the theme of the latest art work, here’s a throw back to other unicorn images I’ve also completed –


Hope you’ve had a great weekend, even if it’s gone quickly!

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

Please contact us directly to discuss any ordering of photographic prints, art, craft items or poetry. We also welcome discussions about guest blogging, articles, and commercial photography opportunities.


Getting to know you!

A mini celebration here as this week the total followers has tipped over the 100 mark, so a big thank you!

Nothing fancy to mark the occasion, as life in the form of a leg splint has kind of got in the way (doesn’t it always!). However, as a big thank you to all the followers across all platforms, I’m going to share a little about me, would love to hear something from you, and also a new photograph too!

‘Moi’ The dreaded photography selfie by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, 2016.

So, as I’m sharing a little about me, here’s a first of an image of me, AKA the dreaded photography selfie. Note the lack of bandaged leg pictures that I was considering posting due to the sarcasm of someone sat close by, and perhaps a change of hair colour since this was taken as well. But otherwise a face to the blog at last!

Here are five random facts about me, and I would love it too if you, the readers could answer these too in the comments :

  1. Favourite word is – oxymoron. I heard it for the first time sat in GCSE English and it’s stuck ever since. The sound of the word, and the fact there is a word to describe opposites together is what draws me in. More so, hearing the way that Carol Ann Duffy used¬†the oxymoron in her poem Havisham ‘Beloved sweetheart Bast*** ‘ making an insult sound so good!
  2. The song currently spinning around my head is – ‘Skin’ by Rag n Bone man. Love the lyrics and how he describes almost love. It’s like he’s been there, giving it his all, and it’s still ended.
  3. The food I’m about to eat is – Lasagne!
  4. My earliest memory of writing stories is – Sitting in school, writing on white A4 sheets of paper. Drawing your own guidelines with a ruler and pencil, trying your best to write in pen. Concentrating on remembering to put a date and title at the top, your name at the bottom. Then spending far too long with the coloured pencils colouring in decorative borders and pictures around and below your writing piece!
  5. My claim to fame is – Meeting Ant n Dec on a ferry when I was about ten years old, with their bodyguards in tow. Also, I once got Band with no name to sign a pair of jeans… but we’ll leave that box of frogs sealed for now!


So now you know 5 random facts about me, I would love to hear yours too! Don’t forget to add what your blog is if you have one, and I’ll take a visit soon as well.

Take care,

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

Here’s another new image as promised for sitting patiently through my ramblings –

‘True.’ Be true to you, always. Photography by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, April 2017.

In the making!

Forgoing the thoughts of those quarter and mid-life crisis options ( Quarter life crisis‚Ķ¬†) , instead I’ve been keeping the hands busy with earring making and painting!

One of my paintings from this week was posted to the blog yesterday, and you can find it here – Rainbow bursts . For now, back to the earring making….

I’ve made two pairs of earrings this week, in very different designs. The first are completed with wooden beads, and gold coloured spacers for a summery look.


Hand-made earrings
Hand-made earrings, made by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces. With wooden coloured beads, and gold coloured spacers.

The second are a mis-matched pairs of earrings, using plastic playing cards. These would be great for a night at the casino, or for a Harley Quinn cosplay look.

Playing card earrings
Playing card earrings, hand-made by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces. 2017.

I am able to make these earrings to order for £5 each + p&p, and this will include an organza pouch gift packaging.

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.


Quarter life crisis…

If they really exist? Or perhaps it’s a change of motivation, new thinking, or enlightenment?

Ever been really bugged by the same, simple idea over and over again? You know the one that seems to not only creep into your day-time distracting thoughts away from the mundane, but the ones that now tip-toe around your dreams too?

That’s where we are, the site is, or rather I am this month, this week, today. An urge to do more, new things, expand on what’s already been done. A quick search of Bing, and apparently I’m too young for a mid-life crisis. I have to, need to be ok with this, as there’s now no excuse to buy a car I can’t afford or even drive, yet.

However, move over Bing, because perhaps Wikipedia can diagnose this new itch better.

‘The quarter-life crisis is a period of life ranging from twenties to thirties, in which a person begins to feel doubtful of their own lives, brought on by the stress of becoming an adult.’ ( Quarter-life crisis, Wikipedia external link¬†)

Hmmm, except, that becoming an adult thing, should of really been adjusted to by now. 15 years since I departed the home of my birth mother, and I’ve survived nappy changing and night feeds, and other not-so-shiny¬†past¬†times.¬†There might be an angelic glow of enlightenment after all….

Back to reality, and whatever it is, or whatever it shall be called, I still have this itch. This itch, drive, or crisis idea to not only photograph more, paint more, make more, but also to write. To write long, and meaningful. Funny, witty and experience sharing. Noting letter by letter, sentence to paragraph to page, a bit more about where I’ve been and what I think. We all think, we all experience, it’s whether to share that is the question.

To curb that hunger pain of writing, tapping, painting, clicking, you might now stumble onto more written posts across this site. If you would like to skip to whatever brings you here already, there will be no hard feelings, and there’s dedicated photography, art, and poetry sections already. On the other hand, if you fancy a read into what makes me tick, past experiences, as a female, parent and generally being a thinking, feeling, homo sapiens then please do. Pour yourself a brew, grab that biscuit (or two, because no one’s counting right?) with the added bonus that thoughts will be welcomed as well.

Whilst that’s the urge to articulate prose contained, for now, it’s time to find a cure for that crisis that makes you want to hold a paintbrush, or three….

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.




Floral inspiration!

Following on from yesterday’s blog post for weekendcoffeeshare, here’s the full low down of what’s been making the camera tick this week!

Keep the rose close, and the heart will follow….

‘Movie memoir.’ Photography by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces. 2017.


Hope you enjoy the new rose photography selection! For any print requests or any questions, please contact Rose-Sky Journey Pieces directly, either through this website, or by e-mail.

Have fun!

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.


Hunt for roses!

When life throws thorns, hunt for roses!

Everyone has something that makes them happy, a talent, a skill. That’s what makes us all different. Well, mine is the roses! I love almost all photography and the chance to get the camera out, but I most certainly have a soft spot for nature photography, flowers, and of course roses!

If we were sharing coffee, I would tell you that I need two, maybe three cups. Heck, maybe even an espresso. A lack of sleep, lots of ideas, and perhaps too much time spent photographing and editing this week (Is that even possible!)

I would ask you how your week has been, and where your skills have taken you this week. I would try to hold in the yawns as I realise that extra sleep is less editing time, when there’s still a household to keep ship shape. Then I would ask you about your thoughts on the Underwater photography winners this year, and more controversially the World Press Photo Contest winner. I would be open to thoughts, as the later has left me with mixed opinions. A defining moment, real life, stark, bold and scary. But should it be portrayed as the best? With so much hatred already in the world, should this glimpse of a harsh reality in action be what we turn to? Maybe, I might feel more comfortable with an image of peace making, life changing, positivity amongst the thorns. But it invokes an emotional response, portrays it clearly, so some would say it has achieved it’s goal.

I would ask you for any new baking recipes, to try steer the talk away from my insistent photography talking. I love a good cake recipe that’s easy to make, even with the kids involved. Then we could smile over the slightly warmer weather, with no frost or ice in sight this week where I am!

We would both know that I couldn’t resist a new photo share, so would have to show you what I’ve edited this week, and try to not gush as it goes back to my love of nature and flower photography. I would want to listen to your passions, to see what that very thing is that makes you spark, in the same way roses do it for me.

Then, after a break, a caffeine fix, it would be time to get back to manning (or womaning?) that family ship again. Somehow, this ship might be a bit more at ease once the school term starts again after the weekend!

Hope you’re all having a great weekend, and would love to read your Weekendcoffeeshare ideas too!

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

'L'unico amore'
‘L’unico amore’ Photography by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, 2017.


Words by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

Photography by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, 2017.

Quote found here – Quote link