Shopping – AKA ‘Purchasing stock’

So officially, I’ve been purchasing stock yesterday…

But when your business is also your passion, and your hobby, it’s a little hard to see the graft involved in acquiring stock. It should feel like hard work, but here I am feeling just a little guilty, because, well, it feels just like shopping!

I love shopping! Online, at the shops, the markets, looking for a bargain, an investment. Something useful, interesting, essential. A unique gift for a family member. Never running out of excuses to why we ‘need’ this item or that.

Back to business, and yesterday was for the business, honest! On the way is now over 100m of fabric, rainbow ribbon, and moulds for our next project. Just one of the perks of making hand-made items, is choosing the suppliers, the quality, comparing costs. Helping to make the item as individual as the client who ordered them.

Once the items are here, I will be putting progress pics onto the site, as well as Facebook and Twitter.

Have you found any crafty bargains this week? Why not let us know!

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

Image found on Bing, via Pinterest. Copyright does not belong to Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

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