In the making!

Forgoing the thoughts of those quarter and mid-life crisis options ( Quarter life crisis… ) , instead I’ve been keeping the hands busy with earring making and painting!

One of my paintings from this week was posted to the blog yesterday, and you can find it here – Rainbow bursts . For now, back to the earring making….

I’ve made two pairs of earrings this week, in very different designs. The first are completed with wooden beads, and gold coloured spacers for a summery look.


Hand-made earrings
Hand-made earrings, made by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces. With wooden coloured beads, and gold coloured spacers.

The second are a mis-matched pairs of earrings, using plastic playing cards. These would be great for a night at the casino, or for a Harley Quinn cosplay look.

Playing card earrings
Playing card earrings, hand-made by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces. 2017.

I am able to make these earrings to order for £5 each + p&p, and this will include an organza pouch gift packaging.

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.



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