Civilised food approvals


Should we photograph what we eat?

A la carte with a Snapchat filter,

The fast food Facebook update,

Not forgetting those Twitter teas,

And those WhatsApp sneaky whiskeys.

I wonder what would happen if everyday,

Every meal, every morsel,

Had to be documented in this very way.

Would the biscuit tin make a fashion comeback,

Or those basic soldiers with their dippy eggs ways.

If I shared what I ate,

Amusement it would bring,

To document the in-between eating,

You know those child left-overs that you can’t bear to waste,

That cake mix that can’t wait until baked to have a taste.

The 3am snacks because you can’t sleep,

The t.v is on, so let’s just eat.

The ‘I’ve had a hard day’ bag full of sweets,

Deliberately buying something only you

In your household would ever eat.

Hiding the treats out of child sight,

Heck, who am I kidding,

If it’s not photo shared,

The calories don’t count right?

Should we photograph what we eat?

A hot meal accomplished by a parent this decade,

The sneaky raid into the Christmas sweets,

An array of food a child has not refused to eat,

My food is crying out for a social following,

A food hashtag trending,

Perhaps we should all crash the internet,

With pictures of what we eat.

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

‘Today’s snacking.’ Photography and edit by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces. Copyright 2016.

Photography and edit by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, copyright 2016. Food – Holland & Barrett Spicy Sunflower with a Twist.

Prose by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, 2016.


Photo Challenge: Magic – Child belief

via Photo Challenge: Magic

In our house, Father Christmas does indeed exist, so do the magical flying reindeers, elves that can report back to Santa, the tooth fairy, ghosts and angels…

Not forgetting, there are real unicorns, and last but not least the Easter bunny. We have it all, hook, line and sinker.

Perhaps the best magic though, is watching a child’s personality coming to life. See below an image, not great in photographic terms, but of a dress stood upon a mannequin.

‘The dream dress.’ Photography by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, 2016.

It’s a dress one of my children created, on their own. Their idea, their design, their practical skills. A Spider-Man dress so I am told, when not photographically edited that stands in red and black bold. It now takes pride of place on the side, with the token sign telling us she only wants one gold coin. The magic of self-believe and dreams, is that we now have multiples of these things. Each one apparently needs a separate box, to be labelled up, ready to sell.

I hope the magic is never lost, and that one day she may get her own doll clothing shop.

Onto more magical things, here a few more images that represent the magic from our home –

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

All photography within this post have been taken and edited by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, within 2016.

Daily Prompt: Scorched – About the girl.

via Daily Prompt: Scorched

How many times does one have to touch the flame, to know it will scorch, burn, and not fade away…

Not burnt, but scorched as I try to recall, the times when common sense, head and knowledge should have prevailed. Scorched is such a ‘told you so’ word, it’s that ‘ha-ha’ moment when someone else learns of how you got burnt, stitched up, again.

It starts with a girl, who had nearly always dreamt about being married, the white dress, children, the ring. The Girl Talk and Sugar magazines where you did the boyfriend quizzes, the primary school dances where you stood at the side when everyone else slow dances….

Perhaps we should start with childhood memory flutters, where when I thought hanging around with those older than me in school was the best thing since sliced bread. Except it wasn’t for all that long, as I remember those year 6 boys and their method of ‘fun’. Yet I recall, being told it was my fault for wanting to hang around with them, so burnt I was.

We tiptoe towards adolescence, when being popular still reigned as a big achievement, a goal. The day when two boys knocked for me at home, I thought I was more popular. Happily I obliged as they asked me to the leisure centre, not questioning why they had never knocked before. We reached the pond, and at 13 with a heavy heart, I realised my fate. They weren’t friends, how silly was I not to learn from the first scorch those years ago, about people’s actions and that thing called gut instinct. A girl called Stacey was waiting there, with her friend, who’s name I can’t remember. The procession started with her taking off her coat, then handing her friend that big chain and those chunky rings. Whilst the boys and her friend stood watching she cornered me against a hedge by that peaceful pond that day, and used me like a punch bag. I walked home battered, bruised, and then having to admit to my mother, and grandparents what had happened. Perhaps the hospital visit was more absurd, as the nurses didn’t seem to be concerned about the rib, or the bruises that she’d left and dealt with it all matter of fact. Not long after she got me again, outside the school, with her sovereign ring. The boys never talked to me funnily enough, or knocked for me ever again.

At 14, being cocky once again, I was walking down the street with friends. Thinking my black, yellow and white dress was all the rage, I felt confident, almost fitting in. That very day, stood in that new dress, a ‘friend of a friend’ commented within ear shot, not afraid if I could hear, that I was a ‘paper bag job.’ What possessed that comment directed to someone under-age, I can’t fathom, but it did manage to shatter my confidence once again.

Some months later, once that confidence had tried to be raised, I met a man-child who placed a Haribo ring upon my ring finger. Whilst telling me we would grow up old, and live together, he took it upon himself to make this a family affair, and went onto fornicate with someone with whom I shared a family name.

At 15, the first boy to attempt to give me a ‘real’ engagement ring, announced we had broke up because I wouldn’t sleep with him. The ring got thrown out of the English class window to my friends’ amusement, yet I had to spend my entire GCSE English lessons in the same closed-up classroom with him and his ‘mates’.

Later on, someone to whom I thought I would be wed, had instead of insults, got inside my head. From not wearing make-up, to not allowed to buy skirts, it started off small, and got a lot worse. My duties were to cook and clean, to try give him a baby, and buy the latest Xbox games. Never a finger did he lift, except that day the chair flew towards me. The night that I went to leave, to find myself again after those years, he got his family in on the act, and his mother strangled me in front of him and his sister.

I rebounded, (well now I realise) to a guy who would flirt openly and behind my back. One who threatened to come after me, should I ever tell of his father’s little secret of looking at unclad child images that I found on the computer that day. Of course, my mouth would not be shut, and it was no surprise to me that I soon after left. Even if the shock wasn’t expected for him.

So how many times had I been scorched, how many times to return to the flame under the guise of love? Could it be that I’m a mere hopeless in love victim, and that these first attempts of being loved, would continue it’s path into my adulthood? Then again, maybe all these dowsed out fireworks were my fault, and I deserved every pain. The way I look, the way I talk, maybe I was too nice, too polite, too boring, too me….

Or maybe, just maybe these guys felt burnt. Burnt by the girl that wouldn’t agree to everything like a nodding dog. Melted by the girl who stood up for her self-beliefs, not to use the fairy tale wedding day dreams to sugar coat all events. Perhaps, they think of me time to time, to the one that would clean, cook, spend and love. Then again, who cares if they do or not.

A horrible way to learn along the way, although it’s possible it’s helped to shape who I am now. A little crisp around the edges, a little more out-spoken, but filled with so much more love. For where the flame failed, whether it’s them, I or both, it left space for years later for my wedding day. Second best, only to the days where our children entered the world. For our children, whom love unconditionally. The smiles the family unit all bring, make every burn, scorch, insignificant.

I sit here now, with a little one wrapped under one arm, a blanket, a dvd, a little sickness and a whole lot of love. So thank you, to the cremators, the burners, the incinerators. Just because she wasn’t perfect for you, doesn’t take away who she is, what she is, where she’s been, and where she’s going to go. ‘For why you were looking at the stars, you might just of lost the moon.’

You cremated the girl, she entered the world a woman, a mother, a wife.

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

#Weekendcoffeeshare The countdown

Our chat would begin by showing you pictures of this –

I would hope for some flicker of recognition for what these images mean. Wishing you don’t think I’ve gone mad as I describe the story of how the Elf ended up in our home, how the children found it, what they’ve named it. Please have patience whilst I get excited, and also unload about where the Elf has been so far, where it plans to go, and oh the tantrums over it already caused.

We would go anywhere for a hot drink, as it’s too cold to be sat outside here now. My choice of tipple would be a chai latte, or perhaps something with ginger after the non-alcoholic giggles drink I’ve attempted from Holland and Barratt this week. I would relish in telling you that I got an entire bottle free just because. Then I would ask about your bargain finds this week.

There would be the slightly dreaded count down word mentioned, as it draws nearer to the season of glitter. Hoping to hear some tips from you about how to save over Christmas, bargain buys, and ways to make the million or so Christmas tasks seem smaller.

My eyes would look tired from another week of school runs, travelling, and general hen pecking to ensure everything gets done. Smiling, but still tired, the two weeks of antibiotics still seem to be lingering in that body somewhere causing havoc. I would let you eat the biscuits or anything crunchy, and only once I promise moan about my tooth extraction. You know, the one that didn’t go to plan, that nearly got my sinuses, and now has dry socket. Because it’s just me, right?

I would ask about your week. What excitement you’ve had, what inspiration you’ve found for your blog, your craft, your passion.

A second drink is always needed, heck, maybe some soft cake too if I avoid that mine hole left behind. In between the rants and off loadings of a mum, I would tell you it’s still all worth it. Every second. From every ‘I love you’ to the surprise notes, the cuddles, the reading. The Christmas spirit and belief in everything magical, everything pure and simple, it’s rubbing off on me already. Before Father Christmas even comes down the chimney, I think we’ll have another visit from the tooth fairy again as well.

I would thank you for listening to my ramblings, and promise to do this again soon.

How’s your weekend? What excitement have you had this week? What’s brought both frustration and joy in your home?

We’ll do this again soon,

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

Photographic musings

Wouldn’t it be great if everything in life was so clear, as what the camera captures, no in between or grey area…

With that in mind, here are the latest images I’ve been creating this week…


Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.



That’s how you leave me,

Burning bright,

wanting more.

I’m a moth to your flame,

Wanting, wishing,

To be the dark to your light,

Eternally yours.

Engulfed within that first spark,

Left yearning for more,

The colours burn so brightly,

When you’re around,

I plead that my feet never have to touch the ground.

Show me colours I’ve never seen,

Take me to places I’ve never been.

Soar with me high into the sky,


That’s how you leave me,

In the middle of the starry night.

Poem and photography by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, copyright 2016.


Weekend edits

The wintery weather is most certainly here, meaning more editing time in between wrapping up warm for those shots!

Tamron have also replied regarding the new lens mentioned in the last blog post. Turns out the lens stopped being manufactured in 1984, and the best guess they can give based on serial number, is that the lens was made in 1980! It’s a 300mm Tamron Auto lens and it’s managed to be dated based on the serial number, and the pattern used on the grip on the lens. Well for a confirmed vintage lens, I’m still happy with the results, and that it’s older than me!

So now that mystery is as solved as it can be, here’s a couple of new edits for the weekend.

Don’t forget if you see anything you like, we are happy to sell professionally printed images and canvases, just get in touch with your requirements.

Have a great weekend!

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

(Photography shown here by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.)

Sparks and new glass

The new lens has arrived, pulling to a stop my pouting about the postal service!

There might be a sparkly firework image or two to share too from last weekend… But back to the glass, because we all know someone will be curious about what’s being used! My latest lens is a Tamron 1:5.6 f=300mm, I have a feeling it’s vintage, but how vintage I’m not sure (perhaps someone wants to help with that one?) . Curiosity led to a message being sent to Tamron this morning, to see if they know any more.

Which leads to a few new images to share…


Onto the fireworks, where we had an enjoyable family night. Complete with our now yearly tradition of hot dogs, and a sweet (or two!), here’s my new firework photography :

Hope you all enjoy the new images,

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

(All photography shown in this blog post has been photographed and edited by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.)

The soul has words as petals

It’s that time again for new images to be uploaded!

There’s been a bit of a delay this week in updating the blog and photography, because of a rather niggling tooth ache. The tooth seems to have lost the battle, with antibiotics being needed, so these edits were a welcome distraction from the next dentist trip drawing closer.

Here is six of the newest images and edits, all with a flowery theme this time. I’ve also entered just for fun the BBC your images competition, for the theme ‘Autumnal.’ You can find the images I chose to enter on the competitions page of this site.


Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

All photography and edits displayed here are by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, 2016.

RHS Photographic Competition

Another fingers crossed, wishful thinking moment, as I’ve decided to enter the RHS Photographic Competition.

Here are the two entries that I put forward –

The competition is open to everyone, and they are currently accepting online entries as well as social media entries. The closing date is the 28th February 2017, so still time to enter!

More information on the competition, the prizes, categories can be found here on their website – RHS Photographic Competition 2017 (external link)

I would love to hear from anyone else that has entered this competition, or your thoughts on the entry pieces that I chose.

As with anything else entered, if there’s luck at the end of the rainbow, then of course it will be mentioned on this blog at a later date.

In other news, there’s a new camera bag to try out here, and a new bouquet of flowers too itching to be photographed! Still waiting for the new lens, so I can be able to give a comparison to the current lens. There’s also this internal debate about whether to add a beauty review section to this site, or to start another site just dedicated to that. Off topic from the photography, and perhaps not as exciting, but I’m finding that searching for good quality products, that can do the same (sometimes better!) than the designer brands is becoming a bit of a hobby. Alongside the photography, art, crafts, and blogging of course! Anyone interested in hearing reviews of the latest £1 lipstick I found, then please give me a shout to know whether this will be a popular read. If not, I’ll be more than happy still photographing, and smiling behind the camera at the £1.49 ombre nail varnish kit too!

Enjoy your day,

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.