Journey boxes

Time to share something new for the weekend, our Journey boxes!

We believe that life is a journey, made of pieces along the way, and each piece is as important as the last and the next. That’s the inspiration behind our latest crafty make, to bring together those pieces of the journey, in a simple, but thoughtful way.

Each box will be made up to order, and the pieces tailored to the customer requirements. Whether it be for someone you love, a friend, or family member, it’s a gift to show you care, with a personal touch.

A poem is included either outside or inside the box, to describe the pieces included within. The poem will also be adjusted to reflect the pieces inside, and can be personalised to add your meanings for the pieces. Presented on gift packaging straw, enclosed in a fabric covered gift box with lid, and then finished off with hand-tied ribbon, and a flower of your choice. The gift tag can also be hand-written, or left blank for the customer to fill in.

An added extra is the use of gemstones, which, some believe can bring various positive and healing properties to the person who receives them. Each gemstone will be presented within a mini organza gift bag, complete with hand-written tag. The tag will say the name of the gemstone on the front, and the benefits on the back of the tag.

A gift to show you care, a gift to show you think about what makes that person so great, a gift for the journey, wherever it is, and wherever it may lead.

‘You may be wondering about this small gift. Whilst small in nature, it’s given with a big heart.

The string because how long our love will be, the answer is a length of string. No one knows the answer, but I hope our reel is never-ending.

The measuring tape, because I can’t put a figure on our love / our friendship , and how much you mean.

The jigsaw piece, because you make my puzzle and journey complete. You’re part of my journey, and it makes sense with you in it.

The playing cards, because knowing you makes me feel like I have the royal flush. You’re my king, and I want to be your queen.

The scissors and the mannequin in this gift box shown were specific to the receiver of the gift. We can add in specific pieces for you too, to make your box individual.

Above is just some examples of what could be written with the pieces to help explain your personalised gift. The note can also include their name, your reasons for the pieces, and your name.

Prices – Start from £10 + p&p, to include 6 pieces, the gift box and packaging, hand-tied ribbon, a flower of your choice, and a note / poem to explain your lovely gift. This includes personalisation of the flower, poem, gift tag and the 6 items required if desired.

Gemstones can be added at £2.00 per gemstone. These will be presented in an organza gif bag with tag, with hand-written gemstone name, and gemstone description.

Additional pieces can be added within the box for 50p each piece. Please let us know the pieces you are requiring when ordering.

Would love to know what you think of our new journey boxes! We’re thinking these would be great for any occasion!

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.



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