Prose and ramblings

Here you can find quick links to my prose and ramblings amongst the blog posts.

These are pieces that I have written myself. Whether they are considered to be fact or fiction, experience or expectations, is for the reader to debate and decide.

If you would like to share any of my work, please get in touch first, and a credit to the writer would also be appreciated.

If you would like me to write any guest blog posts, experience ramblings or other for your own blog, website or company, again, please get in touch.

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

Never again – Link to ‘Never again’ written 11th March 2017. On the topic of childhood memories, and what children shouldn’t have to hear or remember.

Solitude in Unison – Link to ‘Solitude in Unison’ written 4th February 2017. On the topic of parenting.

Rubber bands – Link to ‘Rubber bands’ written 19th December 2016. On the topic of relationships, and love.

Sacred question : was she worth it – Link to ‘Sacred question, was she worth it.’ written 5th December 2016. On the topic of relationships, self-worth, self-esteem. In response to the daily prompt, sacred.

Daily Prompt: Scorched – About the girl. – Link to ‘Daily prompt : Scorched – About the girl.’ Written 21st November 2016, in response to the daily prompt scorched. On the topic of relationships, being female, a girl, a woman.

Little fingers, little hands… – Link to ‘Little fingers, little hands’. Written May 2017, in response to the Photo challenge, evanescent. On the topic of children, childhood and parenting.



Life is a journey. A journey made up of several experiences, steps and pieces along the way, not one. Each piece is as important as the last and the next, each one tells a story, to express, to give, to keep. Creating art, photography, crafty gifts with poetry and ramblings along the way!

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