Solitude in unison

via Photo Challenge: Solitude

Solitude fight Photography by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, 2017.


It’s the thoughts in the middle of the night, it’s the overwhelming desire to do everything right. Solitude is the place that no one wants to admit that they know, the place we don’t admit to wanting to go.

What could I do to make this right, to give the children the best start in life? What will become of their futures and dreams, could they be affected by the current laws, retypes, and government teams?

Will they still receive the best education, the healthcare, the rights of a woman? Will they know where to turn, that when we failed, we were still trying our best and letting both ends of the candle burn?

These are the hands that held a new born, that changed nappies before dawn. The solitude of the night feeds, the cuddles that no one else sees. The ‘mummy’ sentences that only get said in house, because grown they have too much to say it outside aloud.

The hands that signed the consent forms, that wiped tears from eyes. Fingers that typed looking for answers to know what to do. The signs of age starting to show, not on my face, but on my hands well. The chipped nail varnish where the cleaning came first, the cooking, the hand holding, the early morning starts.

The solitude in unison, for every parent will know this feeling. The oxymoron of going through parenthood trying your best, wondering what if. When indeed there’s thousands, millions out there, going through the same thing. The question may be different, but when it’s trying to protect your offspring, to help them shine, then it’s all really the same thing… Solitude in unison, it’s a parent thing.

‘Take my hand.’ Photography by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces. 2017.

Photography and words by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, 2017.

In response to the Photo Challenge : Unison from February 2017.


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