Ordering, commissions and sales.

If you would like to order any item or commission us for a special project, please read the information below.

Ordering –

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces is currently viewing all options for other selling platforms to place our hand-made and photographic items on. In the meantime, orders can be placed by:

1. Contacting Rose-Sky Journey Pieces. We can be contacted through our website, by e-mail to rose-skyjourneypieces@outlook.com , or through our social media accounts on Twitter or our Facebook page. For orders, the quickest way to contact us is directly either through this website, or by e-mail to rose-skyjourneypieces@outlook.com.

2. Please let us know what item(s) you would like to order. If there is personalisation options available, please let us know your preferred options. This could include –

Names, initials, colours etc.

3. If your order is for a specific date or event, please also let us know when ordering, before your order is confirmed. This will allow us the opportunity to confirm whether your order can be made and dispatched in time for that date.

4. We will contact you to confirm your order, the order total and any delivery costs that will be included. Any personalisation will be confirmed at this stage too. It is important to check these details, as this is what will be used for personalisation, the invoice, and for the delivery address. It is at this stage we will ask for your e-mail address if not already provided.

5. Once we have your e-mail address, and your order has been confirmed, we will send an invoice via e-mail. This invoice can be paid by Paypal, credit card or debit card. You do not need a Paypal account to use this service. Unfortunately, orders can not be dispatched without payment in full. Unless otherwise agreed, payments are to be made as soon as possible, and within 7 days of the invoice being sent.

6. Once payment has been received, this will be confirmed with you. We will then start work on either getting your order dispatched, or if it is a personalised or custom order, then we will start to create your items.

7. Once your order is ready to be dispatched, you will receive a further contact from us with the courier details, delivery method, and date it was dispatched.

8. We hope that you receive order with the same smiles that went into producing your hand-made or photographic items.

Commissions –

We welcome commission enquiries for hand-made items not displayed on our website, and for photographic gifts. Rose-Sky Journey Pieces can also create photographic images for your websites and promotions.

For retail or business commission enquiries, please simply contact us through this website, e-mail, our Facebook page, or Twitter. As these are commissions, the details and requirements will be discussed in more detail prior to any commitment being made. Photographic images created or sold for use on promotions or websites will come with a ‘Permission to use’ and ‘copyright’ documents listing the terms agreed before sale of the photography item takes place.

Sales –

We hope that every customer or client is happy with their orders and items. On the rare occasion that something isn’t quite right, please contact us directly in the first instance. Personalised items, and commissions are not able to be refunded, unless the product or service is faulty. It is important for this reason that the details of the personalisation or commission are checked prior to payment being made.

For non-personalised items, contact needs to be made within 14 days of the client receiving the order. The item should then be returned to us, and the client will pay the delivery costs of returning the item to us. Refunds will only be issued once the item has been received back, and we were notified of the return. Exchanges again will only take place once the original order has been returned. We reserve the right to ask for photographic proof before the item is returned to us, so that the process of solving any issue can be started before the item arrives back with us.

For photographic commissions, we can keep the finished image on file for you. Permission to hold your image on file for you, will be asked for when your order is placed. Should you require any reprints, we will use the original file to produce additional items from.

Choosing your professional photographic print finish –

Hello! You may have seen around our page, website and advertising, that we offer a range of different professional finishes for your photographic images. This note is to help note the differences between the finishes available, to help you make the best choice for you.
Prices for the different finishes can be found on the ‘Prices’ page of this website, and also in the notes section of our Facebook page. The price for photographic prints will depend on the professional finish chosen, and the size of the print required.
Regardless of finish, your image will be professionally printed to a high quality. Your print will be created without any of the Rose-Sky Journey Pieces logo or business names showing. All prints are created to order, to help maintain the high quality of the image.

Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 308 –

Hahnemuhle photo rag professional photographic paper is used to create high quality fine art prints. This has a fine, smooth surface, and is ideal for black and white prints, or colour prints where depth of the image is required. Before your print is added this paper starts off as a white, 100% cotton paper, meeting archival standards.
  • Paper weight – 380 gsm
  • Paper thickness – 0.48mm
  • This photographic paper is acid free.
  • Surface finish – Matt.
  • PH value total – 8.3
  • Uses – archival grade prints, fine art and photographic reproduction, presentation prints for exhibitions, and for fine art greeting cards.
  • Use and store ideally in places with relative humidity of 35% – 65%.
  • Ideally used and stored in places with a room temperature of 10c – 30c (50 – 86F).
  • Best stored in archive quality envelopes, folders or boxes.
  • Use only archival grade tapes and glue for any mounting or framing.
  • Please use care when handling these prints, the surface is susceptible to abrasion.

Hahnemuhle German Etching.

Hahnemuhle German etching is a heavy weight etching board, giving a velvety smooth, fine surface texture. This is intended for use with both colour and black and white photography. Before your print is added, this starts off as a white, 100% Cellulose mould made, etching paper. The surface has a distinct feel, that will differ from the other print finishes we offer.
  • Paper weight – 310 gsm.
  • Paper thickness – 0.5mm
  • This photographic paper is acid free.
  • PH total value – 8.2.
  • Uses – Photographic and fine art prints, that will comply with the highest archival standards. Black and white photography. Colour photography. Exhibition prints, and fine art greeting cards.
  • Use and store ideally in places with relative humidity of 35% – 65%.
  • Ideally used and stored in places with a room temperature of 10c – 30c (50 – 86F).
  • Best stored in archive quality envelopes, folders or boxes.
  • Use only archival grade tapes and glue for any mounting or framing.
  • Please use care when handling these prints, the surface is susceptible to abrasion.

Fuji velvet professional print paper – Flat matte.

This photographic paper by Fuji is ideal for fine art photographic prints. It finishes with a smooth, deep matte surface. This professional printing paper has a number of qualities that makes it superior to printing onto normal paper, and helping to protect your purchase as well. These features include pure whiteness, for more sharper text quality. Finger print protection, with resistance to finger prints, before and after the print is added to this paper. A very deep matte finish that means there will be little surface reflection when displayed. It lends itself to excellent colour reproduction, meaning this professional paper is also used for commercial work.
  • Paper thickness – 240um (Type H, heavy professional thickness.)
  • Uses – Fine art photographic prints, commercial and wedding prints. Ideal for a range of print uses with its finger print protection, and little surface reflections.
  • These prints should ideally be mounted and framed after purchase to help protect the print, or stored in photographic grade bags.
  • Try to store your prints made from Fuji Velvet paper away from very hot or humid conditions. If your print is not on display, then it is recommended to also not store in cupboards next to external walls (because of condensation), or in places near to the ceiling, such as lofts, or the tops of cupboards because of heat. Do not store your print with it’s printed side facing the printed side of any other photographic print.
  • Keep these prints away from direct illumination, or strong light sources.
  • Please handle all prints with care.
  • These tips are to help you to preserve your print at it’s best, for the longest amount of time. Please note that the condition of the print can change if the above is not followed, and such the prints are exposed to high humidity, very hot temperatures, condensation, bright direct light sources, or not stored or displayed carefully.
Other professional photographic finishes are available on request, please contact us directly to discuss this.
We are more than happy to discuss these finishes with you, if you need any help deciding help on deciding what would be best for your image.
Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.
Last updated – May 2017

Whether it’s a hand-made item, or a photographic print, we hope you enjoy your item and order, as much as we did creating it for you!

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.



Life is a journey. A journey made up of several experiences, steps and pieces along the way, not one. Each piece is as important as the last and the next, each one tells a story, to express, to give, to keep. Creating art, photography, crafty gifts with poetry and ramblings along the way!

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