When I opened the first e-mail prompt for #developingyoureye from WordPress, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

It arrived, the same time as we discovered the flooding last week in our house, our home. My usual choice for ‘home’ themed images would be pretty images of the d.i.y achieved so far, a front door, welcome mat or even our family all together.

Today, this image is ‘home’. Although a bare, scrapped back room, last week it was our living room. It has been through flooding, water testing, pumping with septic tanks blocking the roads. Floor boards and skirting boards ripped out. Curtains removed, all furniture and pictures gone too. Despite all this, it is still very much a part of our home. One I can’t wait to get back into (and not sneaking in for arty shots when the contractors are out!). For me, home is where memories are made, and this room still holds memories, and still plenty more to come I’m sure. The oxymoron in this is seeing where the sunlight hits the joists, in the same places it hit the wooden floor and rug only days before.

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

‘Home’ First image for #developingyoureye Image and editing copyright of Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, 2016.

Photography inspiration!

How about some prettier images after the flooding ones the other day?

Our photography page Rose-Sky Journey Pieces Photography page has just been updated with three new photography images. With things starting to be repaired following the flooding, the images today seem more hopeful.

I would love to know what you think about these ones!

Just like all the other photography images I can make these into prints and other gifts to order, please feel free to contact me about this.

Kind regards,

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

New photography

I believe the best photographs come from being there and then in the situation, ready to tell a story. The good, the bad, the ugly, it’s all there to tell in photography.

That’s what is behind the two latest photography images on the page here – Rose-Sky Journey Pieces Photography page . Both images are not planned, set-up or posed. These are true shots, of a real interior house flooding in action. One has been post-edited further than the other, but the impact remains the same in my opinion.

Why not let us know what you think.

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

Daily Prompt: Unfinished

via Daily Prompt: Unfinished

It’s Friday night and it won’t be long ’til I….

Until I cry again. Unfinished, hot, salty tears running down my cheeks. Dragging down the mascara repeatedly applied. The mascara is there to try mask the fear. The realisation that actually my gut instinct was right, and now reality sucks big time. This is secondary to the thought that the nightmare is not over, currently unfinished, and only just beginning.

Go back four months. Four months ago I signed for a new home. Not new in build, but new and exciting to me, to our family. Everything perfect, except for a smell. Musty, old, claustrophobic smell. It’s been haunting me, taunting, despite how many supplies in bleach that I buy. It’s not my cleaning habits that start it, nor make it worse. I kept being told the house was okay. This week, I resorted to more scented candles, and it still didn’t budge.

Last Tuesday, I had a dream. In reality, after a lot of sniffing, it was decided the smell was from the floorboards. That night, the nightmare was that the floorboards were ripped open, and underneath the house was swimming, flooded. I dreamt, panicked over my husband’s roar over discovering the misfortune. I woke up, knowing it was just a dream, a nightmare. Of course this couldn’t be possible? Gut instinct was ignored to rip up the floorboards there and then.

Cue Friday, and the floorboards were ripped up, as the smell taunted once more. Then I gasped, I cried, I shook. For underneath the floorboards was 8 inches of stagnant, black water. Not running, fresh, life-giving. No, my water, the core of my house is dirty, dark, almost breeding. The smell took no prisoners. It grew in it’s own vulgar ways once given a release through the floorboards. I tried to pull together, I did what was expected, phoned all the relevant people.

The 8 inches spread all over the living room. Contained only by the brick foundations. The nightmare deepens, the water company wants to test the water. Bright orange results, indicating the presence of ammonia, urine. We’re not dealing with just rain water, but now sewerage. This curbs the obsession to rip up the floorboards one by one, to grab a bucket, a hose pipe and get rid of the dark matter myself.

Another inspection, and a joiner now announces all the floorboards need to go, the skirting boards too. A plan is explained of pump, fix, rip-up and re-lay. Except, it’s my house, my home. My children’s home. It’s a room I now can’t use. The smell very much alive after it’s awakening. It’s our possessions being moved, shifted, stored. Knowing the work ahead, the time, the new items needed.

Now pumped of the evil liquid, tonight, it’s just a room. A cold, empty room. Still wet, still smelling, something still lurking.

For now, I’ll write. I will craft, plan, dream, organise. Resisting the temptation to bleach everything. The dark waters and me have unfinished business, but for tonight, just now, it’s behind the closed living room door.

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.


Let the creating begin!

After all that ‘stock purchasing’ it’s time to finally show some of what was ordered…

Hundreds of metres of fabric in pretty rainbow colours, as well as rainbow satin ribbon. These will both be used to continue work on two very special projects, for two very important little people.

The images have been added to the work in progress galleries soon, and I look forward to sharing with you the makes as they are underway.

Want to guess what will be made?

For your own custom orders, please feel free to contact us on this website, or through Rose-Sky Journey Pieces Facebook page , rsjourneypiece on Twitter or by e-mail to rose-skyjourneypieces@outlook.com .

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.


Oxymoron Silence

Daily Prompt – Silence

Silence – the way to describe there being a lack of sound, no noise, music, words or songs to be sung.

Silence for me, is memories of mixed emotions. It’s an oxymoron, for the silence can have different meanings, and sometimes the silence is needed. Whilst in others it is given.

It’s walking into the school hall late, and being able to hear a pin drop on the large wooden floors. Every face turns to see who creaked the door, the footsteps echoing as you walk towards a free seat.

It’s what we imagine when we go to sleep, the house sounds silence, not a noise, nor a peep. The electric appliances are all switched off, so silence must of been reached.

The one place that is not silent, ever, is in my head. The ideas whirling around it, twenty-four seven. The to-do lists for the day, and the next. Thoughts that stay in there shouted aloud, but never said. Songs I am singing along to myself, the hum or the rhyme taking over the mundane silence.

I was silent the first time I miscarried. I didn’t question the male doctor as he announced that the pregnancy was gone. Nor did I question the blood tests needed, or the return visit in a week’s time. Outside, I was stone, silent and cold. Inside, I was screaming. Reeling from the loss of what could have been, what should have been. When being repeatedly told I should be grateful to have one child, my mind kept shouting back that it should have been two. Yet, only my husband knows this, because the rest of the world saw silence. A barrier to stop showing the outside any form of weakness.

Silence was when inside I was counting to ten, at seeing the walls covered in pen. Our dear daughter had written ‘Happy Birthday Mummy’ on the walls, rather than on paper, or not at all. Smiling at the thought and logic, stamping down the need to remind her that pens belong on paper.

Silence, with it’s vague covering, was also my go to option when my step father died. I couldn’t possibly be weak when my mother and children were already struggling. So instead, I held it inside, hid the tears, and the impossible whys.

Whilst you hug me tight, there is not a sound in sight. But that hug speaks volume from the way you touch or why it was given. Even then, there is no silence within.

Not just the sad, and tragic events. Silence is when I create the best ideas. For I may not be talking, but I’ve just designed, a new project, an idea, a business line. Silence is when I secretly plan what Father Christmas will bring, to who, where and when. It does not mean that I’ve not heard, it’s a sign of my listening, the planning and sometimes ideas of the absurd.

Whilst writing this, the silence has been kept up. The sounds surrounding me, are only the tapping of the laptop keys. A background echo at the fantasy game that my husband chooses to play. But from me, there is no noise. The silence whilst I try to describe how I think.

For I never hear silence, whilst awake nor in my dreams. That’s not always as bad as it may seem.

This is my response to the Daily Prompt – Silence

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

Shopping – AKA ‘Purchasing stock’

So officially, I’ve been purchasing stock yesterday…

But when your business is also your passion, and your hobby, it’s a little hard to see the graft involved in acquiring stock. It should feel like hard work, but here I am feeling just a little guilty, because, well, it feels just like shopping!

I love shopping! Online, at the shops, the markets, looking for a bargain, an investment. Something useful, interesting, essential. A unique gift for a family member. Never running out of excuses to why we ‘need’ this item or that.

Back to business, and yesterday was for the business, honest! On the way is now over 100m of fabric, rainbow ribbon, and moulds for our next project. Just one of the perks of making hand-made items, is choosing the suppliers, the quality, comparing costs. Helping to make the item as individual as the client who ordered them.

Once the items are here, I will be putting progress pics onto the site, as well as Facebook and Twitter.

Have you found any crafty bargains this week? Why not let us know!

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

Image found on Bing, via Pinterest. Copyright does not belong to Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

Daily Prompt: Together

via Daily Prompt: Together


That’s what we were, what we are.

Through rain, through sun shine. Whatever may prevail, we’re together.

Together is the roses that my husband will bring. Not on a set date, but just because.

It’s the cuddles in the middle of the night, someone to hold you tight.

The person strong enough to hold your mirror, able to reflect you and knows you sometimes all too well.

It’s remembering that favourite song. Their favourite meal cooked by you.

The one person who can see your smiles, because they can handle your tears.

Not a 3am, but a forever am.

Just like the roses, after years of ‘together’,

The edges may be worn,

The layers opened up and peeled away,

But, they’re still together,

and, us, well, we’re just the same.


Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

What a week!

Not even the end of the week, and already lots going on at Rose-Sky Journey Pieces!

I’ve entered one image so far into the Sony World Photography Contest 2017. You can read more about it here – Sony World Photography blog post

More pages have been added to the site for photography, art and poetry.

We’ve also signed up to a new wholesaler, and lots more still to do this week!

Please come back to the site soon for more updates,

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

Sony World Photography Awards 2017

Perhaps a bit of a plunge….

But I’ve entered the Sony World Photography Awards 2017, as found here – Sony World Photography Awards 2017 on the World Photo Organisation website .

There are ten categories, and so far I have entered one under Still Life. Each category will have one winner, up to ten shortlisted photographers, and up to 40 commended photographers.

Closing date is 5th January 2017, so still time for others to put their entries forward too if you are interested.

Fingers crossed everyone!

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

Here’s what I have submitted so far –

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces entry into the Sony World Photography Awards 2017. ‘Roses’. Image taken by and edited by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, 2016.