Rubber bands

They tiptoed around what it had become, where they were now, and what was to come…

Their romance had withstood the aging of time. Ticking watches no match for what they had created. Days, months, years had come, were seen, and gone again. All twisted into the whirlwind that originally started this movement.

Life’s journey steps not thwarted their love attempts. Everything designed to shake their very existence, their way of being, not an issue for these two. It made them stronger, more determined, perhaps bolder than before. What they couldn’t achieve alone, they achieved together. Encouraging one another, to places where they hadn’t been before. A sincere belief in the good of each other. The passion for the other ones’ passion, almost as strong as their own spark for life in each of their ways.

Words spoken, even those unspoken woven into each other’s memories. Every compliment, passing phrase helping to define the couple, the individuals they were today. The sparkle of his eyes, the smile moving across her soft lips. Each gesture, each secret, gentle gesture shared between them alone.

His touch left tingles upon her spine. The way she softened his brows with her ring adorned fingers. The hugs that turned to embraces. That led to kisses, and nights of passion. ‘I care’ in the taking of the hand before crossing the road, leading her to safety in a world where she could still hold her own. Two white golds rings now revolving the finger where he delicately placed the rings. Time hadn’t changed their love, but had thinned those fingers that held the wedding symbols. Hands that had held each other during the joy, the births of children, the losses of life. Fingers that had intertwined during prayer, of hope, for safety, someone to care. Hands and skin that were weathered from the cooking, and life itself. Despite all this, here they are, in what they had created. His ring now gone, stored away somewhere safe, for where her fingers had slimmed, the weight his fingers had gained.

Voices they can’t mistake, a hello that was begging to be saved. From the first smile, something sparked, a collision destined for something. Neither could still answer exactly what that something was. A questionable force that drove them together, stuck them together with a superglue life mix, and left them forever entangled in each other’s lives, thoughts and hearts. Along the way there had been steps that have stretched that rubber band of love. Where others would have snapped, or let them band go, even when stretched to the thinnest a band would go, they were still there. Consciously, unconsciously, who knows, but they were there, both holding on. If you ever want to know if a band has been stretched too far, try letting it ping back again. Watch the looks, the expressions, those silent rolling tears as you again come face to face. The gentle good-byes, the after thoughts. Should that spark still remain, and remain within them in indeed it did, the journey proceeds once again.

The circle that had gone full circle, had been lapped, many times by this pair. A pair of love birds perhaps, the sun to his moon. The salt to the pepper. The cheese to the pizza slice. Wherever this path may dance next along the way, nothing was more certain than the memories that would remain. Something that couldn’t be broken, no matter where they were, or what they were doing. He would forever be a part of her journey, and she a part of his. Into his eyes, she longed to gaze once again, to see what laid within his soul. That laugh he could never forget, a crazy moment shared over those certain hot drinks.

It would all be worth it, if she could say it again,

I love you.

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

Words by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

Photography by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, 2016.

‘Glitter rose.’ Photography by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces. 2016.



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