Reasons to smile!

‘Show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.’

Hump day is non-existent here this week, as there’s new photography edits to show you all, and some rather happy news too.

Let’s start with the new edits. More decaying roses as they continue to wither, and I refuse to throw them out. Perfect for adding texture to images I feel. There’s a new edit on the magical unicorn, and a play around piece ‘True colours’ for a more funky art look.

Onto the good news, I recently entered a competition for the Society of photographers. Well since entering I’ve been offered free membership, and now the post has arrived inviting me again to join up as a member. It’s tempting just to see whether any of the images on here would make the panel’s approval for at least an associate / ‘licensed’ photographer. If the image gets anywhere in the competition, or I take up membership, I’ll let everyone know in the blog at a later date.

Happy hump day to all of you!

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.


Monday making!

Hello Monday! This morning’s Monday Motivation comes from the new crafty project we was trying yesterday…


Hand-painted and decorated earrings, attempting to brighten up the usual Autumn choices. Just because it’s Autumn I don’t believe there should be a limited colour range, although it seems some high-street shops think so!

Here’s my first attempt at these hand-painted earrings. Whilst not perfect, it’s definitely motivation for trying again with different patterns, colours and earring shapes.

Wherever you are, we hope you’ve got your Monday motivation as well!

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

Sparkles and decay

Good morning Sunday! Having taken part in the shiny photo challenge yesterday, it has inspired some more glittery images!

Mini unicorn was a sad looking creature. Sat upon the shelf within the local Peacocks store, it begged to be brought (honest!). So it came home with us, after a persuasive please from one of my little ones. The bonus being it also contains lip balm, and became a photographic muse, so perhaps the £2 was worth it….

After all that fun with glitter and sparkles, I went on to photograph the same roses that I have recently being editing images of. Only this time it’s now a week later, and decay, drying up and withering has set in. Here’s one of the edits that I’ve come up with so far…


‘Decaying love’. Photography and edit by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces. Copyright 2016.

In other news, I’ve added a crafty-makes to order section to this website, for completed crafts that can be ordered. Watch out for this section to be filled pretty soon! More images that have been within the blog recently will be added to the photography section, and there’s a new ordering page as well.

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

All images featured are photographed and edited by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.


Shining photography

This is in response to –  Photo Challenge: Shine

‘Dream big, sparkle more, shine bright.’

Shiny things, including photography always catch my attention too! I love the way that shine, or adding something shiny to an image can change how it is viewed.

So here’s my round up of ‘shiny’ photography images and edits that I’m adding to the site this weekend.


Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

All images and editing by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

Journey boxes

Time to share something new for the weekend, our Journey boxes!

We believe that life is a journey, made of pieces along the way, and each piece is as important as the last and the next. That’s the inspiration behind our latest crafty make, to bring together those pieces of the journey, in a simple, but thoughtful way.

Each box will be made up to order, and the pieces tailored to the customer requirements. Whether it be for someone you love, a friend, or family member, it’s a gift to show you care, with a personal touch.

A poem is included either outside or inside the box, to describe the pieces included within. The poem will also be adjusted to reflect the pieces inside, and can be personalised to add your meanings for the pieces. Presented on gift packaging straw, enclosed in a fabric covered gift box with lid, and then finished off with hand-tied ribbon, and a flower of your choice. The gift tag can also be hand-written, or left blank for the customer to fill in.

An added extra is the use of gemstones, which, some believe can bring various positive and healing properties to the person who receives them. Each gemstone will be presented within a mini organza gift bag, complete with hand-written tag. The tag will say the name of the gemstone on the front, and the benefits on the back of the tag.

A gift to show you care, a gift to show you think about what makes that person so great, a gift for the journey, wherever it is, and wherever it may lead.

‘You may be wondering about this small gift. Whilst small in nature, it’s given with a big heart.

The string because how long our love will be, the answer is a length of string. No one knows the answer, but I hope our reel is never-ending.

The measuring tape, because I can’t put a figure on our love / our friendship , and how much you mean.

The jigsaw piece, because you make my puzzle and journey complete. You’re part of my journey, and it makes sense with you in it.

The playing cards, because knowing you makes me feel like I have the royal flush. You’re my king, and I want to be your queen.

The scissors and the mannequin in this gift box shown were specific to the receiver of the gift. We can add in specific pieces for you too, to make your box individual.

Above is just some examples of what could be written with the pieces to help explain your personalised gift. The note can also include their name, your reasons for the pieces, and your name.

Prices – Start from £10 + p&p, to include 6 pieces, the gift box and packaging, hand-tied ribbon, a flower of your choice, and a note / poem to explain your lovely gift. This includes personalisation of the flower, poem, gift tag and the 6 items required if desired.

Gemstones can be added at £2.00 per gemstone. These will be presented in an organza gif bag with tag, with hand-written gemstone name, and gemstone description.

Additional pieces can be added within the box for 50p each piece. Please let us know the pieces you are requiring when ordering.

Would love to know what you think of our new journey boxes! We’re thinking these would be great for any occasion!

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.


Daily Prompt: Waiting

via Daily Prompt: Waiting


Tiptoe, tiptoe, waiting.


walking, pausing, waiting.


Hurrying, scurrying, waiting.


Marching, marching, waiting.


Pacing, racing, waiting.


What are you waiting for?

Written in response to the Daily Prompt : Waiting. Link at the top of this post.

Words and images by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, 2016.

Autumn crisp

Bowl me over Autumn crisp,

Transport me from the summer blare,

to the festive winter chill.

Share with me your orange shades,

A time of transition,

Yet nature is still here, unfazed.

Sway me into cinnamon season,

pumpkins, scarves, and ghouls alike.

Help us countdown to that time of year,

When everything red and glittery will appear.

But first let’s not rush through your own delights,

the conkers, sunsets and fireworks bright.

Poetry and photography by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

‘Autumn delight.’ Photography and edit by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces. Copyright 2016.

Magical make-believe

Unicorns, fairies and pixie dust alike, these are the things that make childhood memories come to life!

Yesterday’s family walk through a rather scenic woodland space has led to these magical looking edits today. Inspiration has come from hearing our children playing make-believe this morning, where even something invisible can bring excitement into the day!

Photography and edits all by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

Roses and skulls!

A beautiful and unexpected bouquet of roses has brought inspiration for the latest group of images!

‘But he who dares not to grasp the thorns, should never crave the rose’ Anne Bronte.

My favourite flower, and there seems to be endless possibilities when photographing or editing rose images.

I’ve also been photographing skulls for Halloween looks with Bespoke Fantasy Costumes . The chilling looks contrasting with the delicate rose images led to some interesting editing last night!

Would love to know what you think about the images, and hope you’re all having a great weekend!

Coming soon : A crafty keepsake project, and (fingers crossed!) some pretty landscape and nature photography images.

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

Introduce a little anarchy

”Madness is the emergency exit. ” (Joker)

This week I’ve been back photographing behind the scenes with Bespoke Fantasy Costumes (link to their website.)

The theme this time has been one of Batman’s arch enemies, The Joker. With a number of reasons why The Joker ended up being insane, and a number of theories behind the look, he’s still a mystery. One thing for sure is that however he ended up with the look, it’s a signature piece made up of looking mad, twisted smiles, and pale white skin.

Perfectly fitting into the October and Halloween themes, here’s just some of the photography and edits I’ve created this week for The Joker. For more of the images, please take a look at Bespoke Fantasy Costumes own website.

Coming up soon…. A new crafty keepsake idea, and some less scary flower photography edits!

Photography and editing by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, and make-up by Bespoke Fantasy Costumes.

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.