Introduce a little anarchy

”Madness is the emergency exit. ” (Joker)

This week I’ve been back photographing behind the scenes with Bespoke Fantasy Costumes (link to their website.)

The theme this time has been one of Batman’s arch enemies, The Joker. With a number of reasons why The Joker ended up being insane, and a number of theories behind the look, he’s still a mystery. One thing for sure is that however he ended up with the look, it’s a signature piece made up of looking mad, twisted smiles, and pale white skin.

Perfectly fitting into the October and Halloween themes, here’s just some of the photography and edits I’ve created this week for The Joker. For more of the images, please take a look at Bespoke Fantasy Costumes own website.

Coming up soon…. A new crafty keepsake idea, and some less scary flower photography edits!

Photography and editing by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, and make-up by Bespoke Fantasy Costumes.

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.


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