Reasons to smile!

‘Show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.’

Hump day is non-existent here this week, as there’s new photography edits to show you all, and some rather happy news too.

Let’s start with the new edits. More decaying roses as they continue to wither, and I refuse to throw them out. Perfect for adding texture to images I feel. There’s a new edit on the magical unicorn, and a play around piece ‘True colours’ for a more funky art look.

Onto the good news, I recently entered a competition for the Society of photographers. Well sinceĀ entering I’ve been offered free membership, and now the post has arrived inviting me again to join up as a member. It’s tempting just to see whether any of the images on here would make the panel’s approval for at least an associate / ‘licensed’ photographer. If the image gets anywhere in the competition, or I take up membership, I’ll let everyone know in the blog at a later date.

Happy hump day to all of you!

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.


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