Weekend madness!

It’s October – eeek!

September seems to have flown by, and now we’re into the month of everything that goes bump in the night!

Here’s my little play around with editing as an ode to the scary month –

‘Things that go bump in the night.’ Photography and edit – Rose-Sky Journey Pieces. Copyright of Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, 2016.

In other news, the images on the Crafty makes in progress page have been updated. Currently in progress are two fairy-tale custom-made designs, and a canvas painting that’s waiting to be finished. After that there’s another art piece waiting to be started, and jewellery designs too. That’s on top of the photography, and waiting for the print samples so I can start sharing my images with others who like them too.

Also after realising the other day, there’s currently no images of myself on the site yet, there’s also a quick edit below to have a nosey at. Now being the one holding the camera means I’m in the images less, unless trying out some new setting or editing techniques. Feeling a bit like Sia with the way the camera flash hid the eye detail, but it ticks the box of the ‘photographer holding camera selfie’ I think…


Because everyone who owns a camera does the ‘camera holding selfie’ right…


Why not let us know what you think, and also I would love to see your Halloween / October themed posts as well!

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.



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