Quarter life crisis…

If they really exist? Or perhaps it’s a change of motivation, new thinking, or enlightenment?

Ever been really bugged by the same, simple idea over and over again? You know the one that seems to not only creep into your day-time distracting thoughts away from the mundane, but the ones that now tip-toe around your dreams too?

That’s where we are, the site is, or rather I am this month, this week, today. An urge to do more, new things, expand on what’s already been done. A quick search of Bing, and apparently I’m too young for a mid-life crisis. I have to, need to be ok with this, as there’s now no excuse to buy a car I can’t afford or even drive, yet.

However, move over Bing, because perhaps Wikipedia can diagnose this new itch better.

‘The quarter-life crisis is a period of life ranging from twenties to thirties, in which a person begins to feel doubtful of their own lives, brought on by the stress of becoming an adult.’ ( Quarter-life crisis, Wikipedia external link )

Hmmm, except, that becoming an adult thing, should of really been adjusted to by now. 15 years since I departed the home of my birth mother, and I’ve survived nappy changing and night feeds, and other not-so-shiny past times. There might be an angelic glow of enlightenment after all….

Back to reality, and whatever it is, or whatever it shall be called, I still have this itch. This itch, drive, or crisis idea to not only photograph more, paint more, make more, but also to write. To write long, and meaningful. Funny, witty and experience sharing. Noting letter by letter, sentence to paragraph to page, a bit more about where I’ve been and what I think. We all think, we all experience, it’s whether to share that is the question.

To curb that hunger pain of writing, tapping, painting, clicking, you might now stumble onto more written posts across this site. If you would like to skip to whatever brings you here already, there will be no hard feelings, and there’s dedicated photography, art, and poetry sections already. On the other hand, if you fancy a read into what makes me tick, past experiences, as a female, parent and generally being a thinking, feeling, homo sapiens then please do. Pour yourself a brew, grab that biscuit (or two, because no one’s counting right?) with the added bonus that thoughts will be welcomed as well.

Whilst that’s the urge to articulate prose contained, for now, it’s time to find a cure for that crisis that makes you want to hold a paintbrush, or three….

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.





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