Nimble fingers required!

Today is a how do I do that kind of day!

There was this little voice telling me, begging me to enter the craft shop earlier. Reluctantly, I obviously gave in and walked out with more crafty items…

The positive is that there is an intended plan for these items, and I have an image in my head of how it should look once finished. On the other hand, the downside to trying to create something unique, is there’s no guides on how to put this all together, and pull it off.

So nimble fingers are required, some patience, and some more enthusiasm I think to see this through to the creative end. I also can’t share any images yet either because of what it’s for.

Whilst I can’t share the crafty project today, I can share an update about the wee little flood situation. For those that have been reading and following, the pipes are now all replaced and fixed. The puddles finally dried up a week after the living room was pumped out, and we’ve had a specialist cleaning company in to disinfect the ground space. The smell has finally disappeared! Images below show where we are now up to, we’ve had new flooring put down, with new skirting boards that have been primed.

Incy Wincy here has been found occupying the living room, which, must be warmer than his rainy webs outside featured at the weekend!

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.


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