Be Qualm-ing a parent

via Daily Prompt: Qualm

I think those little pregnancy tests,

Should come with a guide of how to do the rest,

Not nappies, nor milk, or the right things to eat,

But the qualms that you’ll have to meet.

If you thought weaning brought about enough frets,

Consider for a moment the tooth fairy dreads,

When will she come, and does she have slaves,

Does she have a wand, and will my sister also get paid?

So you qualm through this one, creating a whole charade,

Glitter, letters, coins and answers all getting replayed.

To the time you panicked when your child said,

They would like six kids whilst going to bed,

Can’t sleep without those ten toys,

What will the neighbours think of this noise?

How to explain that hole that they’ve dug,

Everything is better with a calm down hug.

Do we have eggs like chickens waiting to crack?

Why have the kids not given me the sack?

Next their heads on the pillows do rest, 

House is silent, and toys no longer a mess.

The sun sets on yet another childhood day,

We survived it, at last, hooray!

Be qualm-ing a parent,

It wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t feel this way!

‘Sunset dreams.’ Photography by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, 2017.

Poetry – Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, May 2017.

Photography – Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, May 2017.


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