New creativity!

‘True creativity often starts where language ends.’

Arthur Koestler.

Maybe Monday was productive after all! Whether it was or not, it’s certainly led to some new photo edits to share with all this week, and a new mini project.

My last attempt at trying a themed project for the photography was with macro imaging. Finger prints, denim fibres, bug legs, the closer the camera could focus, the better! It was a good combination of patience building, varying results and the fun element of finding ‘small’ things to photograph.

The itch is back for something different this time. Without writing essays, for the images should (hopefully!) explain themselves, this new project is inspired by the daily news. Or rather, what apparently ‘counts’ as news. The words we use, as well as magazines, newspapers, trending articles. What’s good for the goose, is not good for the gander in conflicting, continuous celebrity updates. Looking forward to sharing the project with you all once completed.

Whilst that’s just in the first step stages, here’s new images as promised, this time of the tweeting kind!

Back soon with more new photography images, and perhaps a sneak peek into the latest project!

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

Quote – Arthur Koestler.

Photography – Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, April 2017.




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