The best photograph

Perhaps, if you’re into photography like me, you’ll wonder what you’re best photograph has been or will be.

You’ve flicked through newsfeeds and magazines and seen countless inspirations. Every site filled with images that gain your appreciation for the finished picture, the creative imagination, or technical skill involved. Maybe, even envious of the location or people the photographer got to meet.

I can’t say what my favourite image is that I’ve ever seen, or what my favourite image is that I’ve taken. Then I get moments like yesterday, where what is being photographed is more important than the execution of the image.

So, for their meaning, their innocence and the surprise when I was handed them, here are now my two favourite images, new for this week –

‘To Mummy, you’re as pretty as a dewdrop and you are so neat. Your perfume smells of roses and your face looks pretty and round a corner I see some roses and flowers and that is where you will always be to me. Don’t let anybody steal your beauty, because you are beautifulest Mummy I have ever lived with my whole entire life and I know this all rhymes, because when I look into your eyes. X’

Image 1.

‘To Mummy, You smell of roses. The prettiest rose around and you are the best of all the mummies I have ever seen. I could say would 10,000 times, but all of this rhymes. I hug you and tug you, and you’re lovely as always. Please don’t let anyone steal your beauty (butty!)’

Image 2.

Best motivation by far!

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

Images – Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, April 2017.


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