Enchanted petal!

‘Love me before the last petal falls…’

‘Beauty and the Beast.’ Nightwish .

If only we could all keep the imagination of a child! There’s a short story behind today’s image. Me, I’ll take a picture of a single petal. Later on, a candid conversation about what people will comment about such a simple image, of just one petal. So, it gets put on the back burner, until this morning. One of my children sees the image, and says it should be called enchanted petal, because it’s like the petals falling in Beauty & the Beast! I just love the child’s imagination, to see more than we see as adults, and to see the little details.

Now it’s here as my new photographic image for today! I’ve been also photographing lots more and editing more this week already, and the camera is due out again later on.

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

Enchanted petal
‘Enchanted petal.’ Photography by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, April 2017. This photograph gets it’s name from one of my children, who thinks it looks likes it should have fallen from the Beauty & the Beast rose!

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