The oxymoron week – Weekend coffee share.

I would pre warn you that this week, for me at least (and the business) has been an oxymoron kind of week.

My warning will probably be before we even reach our drink destination, so to not drag up the joy and anguish by surprise. The sun has been shining at last, maybe even an outside seat could be in order. After how this week has presented highs, lows and some considering thinking, a cake is in order too. Calories and sugar don’t count in time of crisis and of pondering.

I would ask if you and your family are ok. I would hope that you were not affected by those events in London this week. That I would explain this is why there has been a lack of posts this week, trying to show some respect to the event and those involved. Briefly touching upon my own work, that hours before the events unfolded, there I was ready to post new photography and poetry too. Badly timed, or something else, it was my first piece of political themed poetry. That and the decayed rose petals seemed insignificant, even distasteful after the tragic news broke.

This would not be a rant about religions or the person or persons behind it. My main concern would be those affected. If my two pence was ever wanted or asked for, I would say that this event, killings, murders are not acceptable, nor needed for any religion, ethnicity, gender or country. There is never an excuse for what happened, and so horribly I can now only predict that this could result in further, maybe unnecessary restrictions and assumptions. These by the political knee jerks to the event, to also those tarring all those with the same religion, race, or skin colour with the same brush. This event was unthinkable, life changing for those involved and affected. Not just London, but no country, no humans should lose their lives or have them affected in this manner, ever.

I would hope that the conversation didn’t get too deep, too soon, and I would listen to your views too with an open mind. It was the above that led to the delays in sharing the new stuff, because it didn’t seem important at the time. A mouth full of cake, to sweeten the mood, and I would welcome you to share your new products and developments from this week.

If you asked about mine, there is one poem already mentioned, ready to post at a later date now. There’s another poem, almost song lyric like nearly finished about being invisible. New photography of rose petals. On the Facebook page Rose-Sky Journey Pieces Facebook page (external link) there’s been new doodle art shared, as well as the start of the latest craft project. So far three hours have gone into something, which, looks to be a week to complete.

Finally on to tomorrow, Mothering Sunday for us here in the U.K. A date, which whilst filled with joy and appreciation, I believe just the same as Valentine’s and Father’s Day that the acts shouldn’t just be undertaken or shown on just one day a year. To the mothers, foster mothers, adopted mothers, step mothers, grandmothers, aunties, mother-in-laws and ‘just like a mum’, thank you to you all for the role you’ve played for bringing children into the children, and helping to raise them. To the father’s who are also mum and dad, kudos to you too. To all those wherever you are, however you do it, that help to care, to bring the best out in children all over the world, you are appreciated, needed, wanted, loved and thanked. If you are celebrating tomorrow, I hope that you have a lovely day, there might even be a flower or two as well!

It would only be right to ask about your own family traditions about these special days, and anything you have planned either for yourself, or for those you love.

The cake is going down well, in fact too well! It’s not flattened the sugar craving, but at least it’s subdued for now.

I thank you for listening to the rant, the thoughts, pondering, and updates. I wish you, and everyone else a safe week to come. To be blessed and grateful to be alive, to be here in the present, and to be the best you that you could be.

‘Live the life you love, love the life you live.’

For now,

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces. x



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