World Book Day!

The day wouldn’t be complete without some last minute photo taking of miniature characters in costume!

Mini character’s one school asked for ‘traditional’ fairy tale costumes for today’s events. As I predicted within the predicament of is our child’s costume really ‘traditional’ enough, I did say there would be plenty of non-traditional costumes on the day, regardless of what is requested, and by whom.

Indeed there was. From the arrays of Elsa’s from Frozen, a Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, Iron Men and Star Wars characters to name a few. But this isn’t a moan at the non-traditionals, rather celebrating what world book day should be.

Children have been encouraged to participate in today’s events and dressing-up. Their parents or carers have either found hiding in the toy box, made or brought a costume. A costume that their child was prepared to wear, without tears or tantrums. The day encourages a love of books, and reading, of sharing your favourite book within their classes.

So whilst it may be nice if we all stuck to a theme for World Book Day, I was smiling inside instead at the effort everyone had gone to, and this little step might encourage a child to try a different book, complete one they started, or even begin to read. The literacy skills needed and required by the simple act of being read to, read with, or reading alone, far outweigh what the costume was.

Save the Children, reported that in 2013, 25% of all children in the U.K left primary school at age 11 ‘without reading well.’ Their full report on reading and it’s importance can be found here – Save the children reading report (external link)¬†.

So whether it’s traditional or not, a comic, something funny or something scary. A magazine, or a blog that keeps a child, or in fact any person wanting to learn to read, and then enjoying to read, then it should be celebrated. Not just today, but everyday.

If it wasn’t obvious already…. no our children weren’t in traditional fairy tale costumes today either…..

I’ll end with a close-up picture of what I’ve been making this week, and there will be a follow up blog entry soon with the finished images from the costume antics!

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

‘Making in progress.’ Image by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, 2017.

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