Hunt for roses!

When life throws thorns, hunt for roses!

Everyone has something that makes them happy, a talent, a skill. That’s what makes us all different. Well, mine is the roses! I love almost all photography and the chance to get the camera out, but I most certainly have a soft spot for nature photography, flowers, and of course roses!

If we were sharing coffee, I would tell you that I need two, maybe three cups. Heck, maybe even an espresso. A lack of sleep, lots of ideas, and perhaps too much time spent photographing and editing this week (Is that even possible!)

I would ask you how your week has been, and where your skills have taken you this week. I would try to hold in the yawns as I realise that extra sleep is less editing time, when there’s still a household to keep ship shape. Then I would ask you about your thoughts on the Underwater photography winners this year, and more controversially the World Press Photo Contest winner. I would be open to thoughts, as the later has left me with mixed opinions. A defining moment, real life, stark, bold and scary. But should it be portrayed as the best? With so much hatred already in the world, should this glimpse of a harsh reality in action be what we turn to? Maybe, I might feel more comfortable with an image of peace making, life changing, positivity amongst the thorns. But it invokes an emotional response, portrays it clearly, so some would say it has achieved it’s goal.

I would ask you for any new baking recipes, to try steer the talk away from my insistent photography talking. I love a good cake recipe that’s easy to make, even with the kids involved. Then we could smile over the slightly warmer weather, with no frost or ice in sight this week where I am!

We would both know that I couldn’t resist a new photo share, so would have to show you what I’ve edited this week, and try to not gush as it goes back to my love of nature and flower photography. I would want to listen to your passions, to see what that very thing is that makes you spark, in the same way roses do it for me.

Then, after a break, a caffeine fix, it would be time to get back to manning (or womaning?) that family ship again. Somehow, this ship might be a bit more at ease once the school term starts again after the weekend!

Hope you’re all having a great weekend, and would love to read your Weekendcoffeeshare ideas too!

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

'L'unico amore'
‘L’unico amore’ Photography by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, 2017.


Words by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

Photography by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, 2017.

Quote found here – Quote link





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