Februa in action!

What better time to start the spring cleaning process than in the month named after the purification ritual performed by Romans…..

Including the usual trying to make the house look more spacious that occurs periodically with having children, this website has also had a bit of a dust off too!

We hope you like the new design and lay out, and all the previous posts and photography can still be found here as well.

This week I have started a mini project on hands. Inspired by my children, who were originally trying to use the scanner on the printer to get pictures of their hands… Time to let the scanner have a rest, and meet these requests myself!

If you’ve been watching our social media sites, our Etsy shop is now live, and we are also trialling a shop app within our Facebook page. Of course, you can still contact us and order through this website, or by e-mail directly. We’ve also signed up as a designer on Vida, with two designs currently live for bespoke scarves, perfect for unique gifts.

There is going to be more exciting news this week, so watch this space for new product information, and competition entries!

For now, here is a sneak peek at the start of our mini hands photography project –

‘Put your hand in my hand, let me show you the way.’ Photography by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, 2017.



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