Little things make a big difference!

Today’s blog post is continuing on the theme from ‘It’s a small world’….

‘Appreciating small things is a great achievement.’

Here’s ten new close-up and macro photography images for you all to view, all of these where taken either yesterday or the day before, by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces. Our favourite is the eye that has managed to also capture the lens at the same time, but why not let us know what your favourite one is!

For any questions, orders, print or photographic gift enquiries, please contact Rose-Sky Journey Pieces directly. This can be done through this website, by e-mail, or we can also be found on Facebook and Twitter. See our contact page for the full way you can keep in touch!

Yesterday I also started a rather intensive photographic project, based around the macro and intricate theme! It should be interesting to say the least once all the images have been placed together to see the end results. Looking forward to showing the results with everyone soon!

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.


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