Photo Challenge: Magic – Child belief

via Photo Challenge: Magic

In our house, Father Christmas does indeed exist, so do the magical flying reindeers, elves that can report back to Santa, the tooth fairy, ghosts and angels…

Not forgetting, there are real unicorns, and last but not least the Easter bunny. We have it all, hook, line and sinker.

Perhaps the best magic though, is watching a child’s personality coming to life. See below an image, not great in photographic terms, but of a dress stood upon a mannequin.

‘The dream dress.’ Photography by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, 2016.

It’s a dress one of my children created, on their own. Their idea, their design, their practical skills. A Spider-Man dress so I am told, when not photographically edited that stands in red and black bold. It now takes pride of place on the side, with the token sign telling us she only wants one gold coin. The magic of self-believe and dreams, is that we now have multiples of these things. Each one apparently needs a separate box, to be labelled up, ready to sell.

I hope the magic is never lost, and that one day she may get her own doll clothing shop.

Onto more magical things, here a few more images that represent the magic from our home –

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.

All photography within this post have been taken and edited by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces, within 2016.


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