#Weekendcoffeeshare The countdown

Our chat would begin by showing you pictures of this –

I would hope for some flicker of recognition for what these images mean. Wishing you don’t think I’ve gone mad as I describe the story of how the Elf ended up in our home, how the children found it, what they’ve named it. Please have patience whilst I get excited, and also unload about where the Elf has been so far, where it plans to go, and oh the tantrums over it already caused.

We would go anywhere for a hot drink, as it’s too cold to be sat outside here now. My choice of tipple would be a chai latte, or perhaps something with ginger after the non-alcoholic giggles drink I’ve attempted from Holland and Barratt this week. I would relish in telling you that I got an entire bottle free just because. Then I would ask about your bargain finds this week.

There would be the slightly dreaded count down word mentioned, as it draws nearer to the season of glitter. Hoping to hear some tips from you about how to save over Christmas, bargain buys, and ways to make the million or so Christmas tasks seem smaller.

My eyes would look tired from another week of school runs, travelling, and general hen pecking to ensure everything gets done. Smiling, but still tired, the two weeks of antibiotics still seem to be lingering in that body somewhere causing havoc. I would let you eat the biscuits or anything crunchy, and only once I promise moan about my tooth extraction. You know, the one that didn’t go to plan, that nearly got my sinuses, and now has dry socket. Because it’s just me, right?

I would ask about your week. What excitement you’ve had, what inspiration you’ve found for your blog, your craft, your passion.

A second drink is always needed, heck, maybe some soft cake too if I avoid that mine hole left behind. In between the rants and off loadings of a mum, I would tell you it’s still all worth it. Every second. From every ‘I love you’ to the surprise notes, the cuddles, the reading. The Christmas spirit and belief in everything magical, everything pure and simple, it’s rubbing off on me already. Before Father Christmas even comes down the chimney, I think we’ll have another visit from the tooth fairy again as well.

I would thank you for listening to my ramblings, and promise to do this again soon.

How’s your weekend? What excitement have you had this week? What’s brought both frustration and joy in your home?

We’ll do this again soon,

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.


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