RHS Photographic Competition

Another fingers crossed, wishful thinking moment, as I’ve decided to enter the RHS Photographic Competition.

Here are the two entries that I put forward –

The competition is open to everyone, and they are currently accepting online entries as well as social media entries. The closing date is the 28th February 2017, so still time to enter!

More information on the competition, the prizes, categories can be found here on their website – RHS Photographic Competition 2017 (external link)

I would love to hear from anyone else that has entered this competition, or your thoughts on the entry pieces that I chose.

As with anything else entered, if there’s luck at the end of the rainbow, then of course it will be mentioned on this blog at a later date.

In other news, there’s a new camera bag to try out here, and a new bouquet of flowers too itching to be photographed! Still waiting for the new lens, so I can be able to give a comparison to the current lens. There’s also this internal debate about whether to add a beauty review section to this site, or to start another site just dedicated to that. Off topic from the photography, and perhaps not as exciting, but I’m finding that searching for good quality products, that can do the same (sometimes better!) than the designer brands is becoming a bit of a hobby. Alongside the photography, art, crafts, and blogging of course! Anyone interested in hearing reviews of the latest £1 lipstick I found, then please give me a shout to know whether this will be a popular read. If not, I’ll be more than happy still photographing, and smiling behind the camera at the £1.49 ombre nail varnish kit too!

Enjoy your day,

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.


2 thoughts on “RHS Photographic Competition”

  1. I should admit that your post is actually interesting.
    I have spent lots of my spare time reading your posts.
    Many thanks for sharing!


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