The step into glitter season…

Halloween is now officially over, and that now leads to the count down of fireworks and Santa here!

But first, an ode to the fun I’ve had photographing horror looks this season! A lot of the work is not currently on this site, as I didn’t want to scare any of the followers. But if you fancy seeing how gory and creepy the images got, why not pop over to Bespoke Fantasy Costumes . I promise it’s all make-up, special effects and an edit or two. As a goodbye to the horror season, here’s my favourite two captures of the Halloween theme :

Make-up and special effects by Bespoke Fantasy Costumes. Photography and edits by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces. Copyright 2016.

It’s not been all horror here though, as there’s some new photography edits to share with you all too….

If that wasn’t enough excitement, then I will end this blog post with…. There is a new lens on the way! Oh to the discussions about glass this will cause! Fingers crossed will be sharing more photography with the new lens fairly soon.

Anything you want to know about the business, our items, or thoughts, feel free to get in touch, ask away, and let us know!

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.


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