Photography in print

Naïve maybe, but I had to some extent ignored seeing any photography I’ve made in print…

That is until today. I’ve been happy tinkering along, taking images on my camera (alas the good ole phone as well), editing and sharing with those who might be vaguely interested.

Friday I tempted fate and amongst the contractors (see the home post for why they’re here) I attempted my first order at getting the photographs professionally printed.

Well today is the day, and the order is here, and I’m more than a little shocked! Happy, but still shocked at what I’ve missed out by avoiding printing. Or rather, any printing that the HP couldn’t do. So here is what I’ve learnt about seeing your photographs in print, compared to online :

  • Photography does look pants on Facebook. To some extent on other social media too, but the difference between the jpeg I uploaded to Facebook and the print in front of me now is outstanding. It means I will look twice at any image on there if it affects all images in the same way.
  • Seeing your photography in print means you can’t escape the pros and cons of any image, your skills and the like. Every detail, or lack of on the sample pieces sent to me have been revealed. There’s no one else to take the credit, or the blame for why an image looks that way, it’s definitely down to the photographer, how they use the camera, and how they edited.
  • Images will look different depending on the print chosen. I did a test run, with three different sizes, and three different professional printing finishes. The difference between the three finishes is noticeable. Each one chosen would be great for certain projects, but perhaps not every image taken.
  • Do not make a judgement on printing services based on just price alone. What I had assumed would be a lesser quality because of less cost, actually still works, and works well for the chosen image. Look at the services on offer from the printing company, as well as the delivery costs, delivery speed, packaging and then the actual print quality.
  • Seeing my own images professionally printed is a confidence boost. It has given some direction and inspiration into what to shoot next, where the editing should go, and what images will be selected next to be available for sale.

Images of the prints will be uploaded soon… Once the camera battery has managed to re-charge of course!

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.


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