Daily Prompt: Together

via Daily Prompt: Together


That’s what we were, what we are.

Through rain, through sun shine. Whatever may prevail, we’re together.

Together is the roses that my husband will bring. Not on a set date, but just because.

It’s the cuddles in the middle of the night, someone to hold you tight.

The person strong enough to hold your mirror, able to reflect you and knows you sometimes all too well.

It’s remembering that favourite song. Their favourite meal cooked by you.

The one person who can see your smiles, because they can handle your tears.

Not a 3am, but a forever am.

Just like the roses, after years of ‘together’,

The edges may be worn,

The layers opened up and peeled away,

But, they’re still together,

and, us, well, we’re just the same.


Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.


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