A big hello, bonjour, salvete to everyone!

This is the first post, (of hopefully many!) on our site – Rose-Sky Journey Pieces!

So what’s Rose-Sky Journey Pieces all about?

The idea is that life is a journey. Many people have heard that before, here we believe that every step of the journey is as important as the next, and the last. Because each step, each piece of the journey makes us who we are now, today, and could shape who will we become. Every piece, the good, the bad, the scary, needs to be understand, to be felt to be able to move on.

That’s what Rose-Sky Journey Pieces is here for. Creating gifts, jewellery, art, photography that help to capture and symbolize those moments. So that they can be cherished, given, remembered and kept.

Every piece here is designed and made by Mrs.Journey-Pieces. These are not mass-produced items, and we also welcome custom orders. Whether it’s a special piece of jewellery to match an outfit or event, or something that catches your eye. we are here to help.

We are U.K based, and we are an independent business. Every order is dealt with us personally from first enquiry to delivery and beyond. Every piece has been designed to customer requirements, usually with many hours or weeks of love and crafty grafting put into make it that special piece.

What’s the latest on Rose-Sky Journey Pieces?

The front page is now taking shape to the site. The Facebook page and the Twitter have now been linked together. The blog has also been linked to Facebook and Twitter. Photos have been taken and starting to be edited this week, with some already appearing on our Facebook page. There’s plenty more coming soon, so please do pop back to say hello and see how we are getting on!

Ciao for now,

Rose-Sky Journey Pieces.



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